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Octainium is fast becoming one of the most exciting & energetic metal bands to watch live.  Their shows are almost like cocaine- highly addictive and make you feel awesome as the music grows on you...
The founder and current vocalist, Maritz, formed Octainium in Wales (UK) in 2006 with other members from that area. They recorded a 3 track demo and played some crazy shows. He returned to SA and reformed Octainium here at home in Jan 2009 with a new metal family.

The word "Octainium" is derived from the ENERGY-aspect of fuel ("a combustible fluid of the highest octane"). "We feed off each other's energy- so that each show is more electric and energetic than the last." You buy a CD because the music is good; you watch a show because the performance is good. Octainium is a steady combination of both these aspects: Good music and an entertaining, energetic live set!

We are very versatile in our music, we can't be boxed into one genre (Hard Rock/Metal if you really must label it). We write really heavy tracks, as well as some calm ballad-like tunes. We have played with a sick variety of awesome bands to date, The Narrow, Pestroy, Chromium, to name but a few . Influences will be anything from as mellow as Enya to as loud and heavy as Gojira
We do acoustic shows, and then we do metal shows-we like switch between these two extremes- connecting with the crowd in an intimate acoustic set, or going balls to the walls during a metal set- living up to our "energetic" name. We want each show to be better than the last and want each fan at every one of our shows to have the time of their lives! Interacting with the crowd and feeding off their energy so that everyone leaves satisfied!
We don't want to sound like any other band- that defeats the purpose of being "an Artist". One has to express oneself artistically, yet uniquely- to set oneself apart from everyone else. To be an individual.

Trends come and go- we are unique in what we do, others will soon follow- but we will eventually make a permanent mark in the industry- local and hopefully international. We strongly believe in that!
We have performed live at festivals like Rocktober 1 & 2, Schorcher Fest, Oppidam, Lazy Grass Fest 1&2, Winterjam and at venues like Zeplins Rock Shack, The Black Dahlia, Factory, Cafe Barcelona, etc (basically all the reputable venues in the Gauteng area thus far- the list grows as time goes on).